What convention/show should I attend in 2012?

I'm trying to plan a trip this upcoming year to one of the audiophile conventions. For those of you who have been to them, which do you enjoy the most? If you could only go to one, which would you choose? I'd probably prefer to stick to shows in the US and Canada.
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THE Show in Las Vegas in January coinciding with the CES, THE main event of the year, in my humble opinion of course. On Wednesday night we, PBN Audio will be co sponsoring a concert with Cary Audio featuring Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary at the Flamingo Hotel home of THE Show. The 90 minute event will be recorded and CD's will be available later in the year should be great fun.

So - if you happen to make it to Las Vegas come see me for a pair tickets to the premier event.

So with Vegas over with, what other choices are there? The rocky mtn is a long ways away in October.
I think I'm just going to do the Lonestar Audio fest in my local area in May to tide me over until RMAF.