What did a good 10 MHz clock do for your Gustard R26?

I'm auditioning an R26 and it's lovely (musical, high resolution in the microdynamics for example) but a little soft on the highest octave. The imaging is not great. On my speaker system (B&K ST120, Spendor S3/5) the images tend to collapse into left, right, center. I have a guy who does really impressive mods ... beefs up the power supply, adds ERS paper for shielding, bypass caps, etc.... but that's irreversible in case I don't like the result... I'm worried about it getting too bright after the mod. So I thought, why not try a good 10 MHz clock? I don't have the budget for a Mutec, but I could try a less expensive one and have my guy mod it and also create a good BNC cable for it. So I'm wondering what has a good 10 MHz clock done for your R26? Improve the extension on top? Improve the imaging? Has it changed the tonal balance in any way? I'd like more extended but not brighter.


Whats wrong with Gustard C18. Or C16.

Now, i found denafrips to be MUCH better gear.

When I owned the R26 I found the LHY OCK-2 external clock with a LMR400 cable made a significant difference in how it sounded.  Amazingly, cables do matter and the do require quite a bit of burn in.  I though it added tonal density and presence.  I don't believe I noticed any change in the soundstage.  I felt the improvement was easily noticeable and since you can switch in and out of using the external clock with the remote it is easy to verify.  The R26 should have a very nice, wide, well placed and defined soundstage but it isn't as deep as some more expensive DACs.

@vinylvalet +2

IME ie in my system the R26 is an imaging champ and not rolled off at all on top. Funny how system-specific all gear is, makes you wonder about the true value of reviews or even forum-combing for consensus on a particular piece of gear.

Kinda a crap shoot really the whole system building thing.

@kairosman I'm starting to suspect I have a bad unit. This is my second attempt to purchase the R26. The first one was very dark to the point of sounding broken. This one is better but still soft in the top octave, and the problem with imaging is very curious (I get fantastic imaging on other DACs). I have about 100 hours of burn-in on the R26 so I'm going to give it another 100 hours.