What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed

What direction should Hi Fi Tuning fuses be installed? They have a little arrow and I would think it would point the direction of AC flow but maybe it points to the AC source?? SEEMS to sound better that way. I know someone will say put it the way it sound better but i have 3 fuses here. That is 6 possible ways. Not in the mood for that. The arrow must mean somethuing. What about Furutech? Thoughts welcome. keith
Wolfie, I usually don't point out typos or spelling errors, but in this case I suspect that for your post to convey what you intended "disperate" should be "disparate." Chances are "disperate" would be taken by many to be a misspelling of "desperate," which I don't think is what you meant.

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Does it really matter; assuming it works for some?
Point the fuses towards ebay to see if someone is crazy enough to waste his money, then put yours away and don't waste it again.
Russe41, I guess if you are so close minded, I think it is strange that you would bother to engage in this thread.
I HATE SPELLING ERRORS...so I thank Almarg for alerting me to this one, and encourage others to be so diligent. It was supposed to be "disparate." Also, I'm a fan of interesting interior design, architecture, blah blah...(especially Blah Blah) and am fully aware that one's surroundings can affect the way one feels. However, any attempt at the quantifying of the extremely personal phenomena of perception that's filtered through an individual's consciousness is nonesense, balderdash, and silliness. Now if I could just get the guard to return my posters to my cell...