What do audiophiles do in their cars?

All of you forum members with your killer home systems…what do you listen to in your cars?  Do y’all have custom stereo systems?  Does the quality of the stereo system actually impact your car buying decision?  I have a B&O setup in my 2021 truck, which was an upgrade and sounds decent enough, but nothing compared to a typical HiFi home system.
It depends.....

In the Focus, whatever amuses....but I don't expect 'perfection'.
In the Land Cruiser, less....but I'm preoccupied hustling a not-so-nimble overweight beast.

Driving the Dodge dually, towing a 20' trailer with a Bobcat and a couple of it's attachments....
I'm working on not letting you kill us both by doing some bone-headed maneuver in front of me.

I can stop on a dime.  If you're not paying attention to what's going on around you, it may be in your pocket.

Save your musical excursions for home, where you're not doing 70+ in some NASCAR fantasy 'midst the rest of us.

I grew up with LA freeways....All of them.


I read the memo...and bailed in '75.
Spent the intervening years driving in a lot of cities, superslabs, spaghetti intersects....

Speed itself is 'fun', but outright Stealth is more entertaining, btw...;)

Rubber side down, y'all....J
@tomic601 ....*L*  Oh, please do.... ;)

Short list....Vdub, Benz outta $, Owdi'....

Beemer Taxi?!  Sacrilege...omgawd....

POORchu!!!  Say no....9,9, nien.....
I have 3 vehicles and except for my Golf GTI which has a very nice stereo system i have upgraded the other 2 with Bluetooth players and decent but not extravagant speaker setups.  I predominately use Tidal playlists i have made up though on some of my longer trips 2500+km reception is not available, so I am sometimes reliant on saved MP3's on my phone, I carry around 50Gb of music for those times.  My ex Australian Army 4wd (Perentie Commander) is generally towing my semi off road van, so it works hard, so I have sound proofed it somewhat, floors and firewalls with double sheets of Roadkill, has a big turboed Isuzu truck engine under the bonnet which makes some serious noise so I have the speakers mounted in a false roof to blast away just behind my head or use noise cancelling headphones which cannot be used going thru towns and cities !!!  I need music to survive when driving long distances.
In my next car I want a better than stock hifi system, I don't understand why people don't order it everytime they buy a car.

So yes, my decision is influenced by this, I wouldn't buy one next time with basic sound system.
So, the correct answer is, "Whatever they want."

Sorry, you asked.

In my C-2, which is a DRIVER that I decided to buy after years of trailer-queens and a room full of dusty trophies, I put in a system against all the "rules."  The C-2 world is composed mostly of people who "listen" to their cars, and I get it.  I do too, sometimes. 

However, on a longer drive, I like some tunes, so I bought, before the major price increase, a look-alike radio from Antique Automobile Radio in Tampa (really Palm Harbor, but close enough for people who do not know the state.) Current price is $700; I got it for less a few years ago, and it is the same unit. 

Then, I was able to modify the Custom Auto Sound footwell speaker enclosures to fit my car, which has factory A/C (pretty rare--only 5% had it).  So, when my daughter is with me, she can blue tooth her music through the system, and I have a plan to do something along those lines as well.  

The daily driver (2007) needs a new radio--all of a sudden it is static-y when the engine is on.  I don't know what I will do there yet.