What do audiophiles do in their cars?

All of you forum members with your killer home systems…what do you listen to in your cars?  Do y’all have custom stereo systems?  Does the quality of the stereo system actually impact your car buying decision?  I have a B&O setup in my 2021 truck, which was an upgrade and sounds decent enough, but nothing compared to a typical HiFi home system.

noise cancelling headphones is the way to go

Careful, in some states this is against the law and is considered distracted driving. 
noise cancelling headphones is the way to go
No, it's really not.
It's stupid and dangerous.
Stream Tidal over my Andriod phone with a wired connection to the auxillary input of the factory system, playback via an AudioQuest Cobalt Dragonfly using a USB Pro driver

People will ask what aftermarket upgrades I've made and are surprised when I tell them it's the stock system from the factory

I A/B compare songs between Sirius XM - very pedestrian sound, Tidal without the Dragonfly - much better sound than Sirius XM, and Tidal with the Dragonfly significnatly better sound than the other two

The $300 Dragonfly is the secret sauce and the real differentiator

The Cobalt Dragonfly with the USB Pro driver is full MQA capable
There is only so much appetite for any craving. When I listen to music in car I don't feel like listening at home anymore. Hence car stereo is always off, unless I am on a long drive or kids want it.
I agree that most car systems sound pretty good—much better than 10-20 years ago. The Burmester in my Mercedes sounds very good.  It’s still a car, though, and the sound competes with wind motor and tire noise.  I’m done with XM radio. The sound is just bad. I listen to internet radio or stream Qobuz or listen odd my hard drive where I have mp3 and flac files. But what I enjoy the most is listening.to radioJazz.fm out of Poland. I am continually amazed by their playlists. I hear songs from albums I’ve listened to for decades but have never heard on radio. An amazing resource.