What do audiophiles do in their cars?

All of you forum members with your killer home systems…what do you listen to in your cars?  Do y’all have custom stereo systems?  Does the quality of the stereo system actually impact your car buying decision?  I have a B&O setup in my 2021 truck, which was an upgrade and sounds decent enough, but nothing compared to a typical HiFi home system.
I have a 2011 Mini Cooper hardtop and the upgraded Harman Kardon system (replete with - hello! - CD player) is pretty astounding. It does bass really well, but you don't want to overload it. Other than that, the watchword is: vivid.
I'm in my car a lot and drive almost 40,000 miles a year for work. I really consider what kind of audio system I could get when I'm looking at purchasing a car because I spend so much time listening to music, podcasts, and God knows what else.

I pretty much stream from Tidal, Bandcamp, and then listen to audiobooks. I used to have a Tesla Model S many years ago before I started driving a lot more for work, which had a really good stereo system. I'm just excited to be getting another EV here soon with the Rivian R1T that has a fairly high end Meridian sound system.

But to be honest I can't stand the sound of engine noise, and never was a fan of it. It always was an unsettling sound to me.
Cars - the only place digital sounds better than vinyl

I haven't tried playing vinyl inside my 1969 Fiat 500 so I'll have to take your word until I figure out the logistics.

I specifically limited the style and brand of car based on the availability of certain sound systems.  I do not in any way think I can replicate the sound of my home system, but, wanted something pretty highly rated.  Most new cars, with integrated head units that control a myriad of things, are poor candidates for upgrades. 

I personally was not interested in anything Bose, so that ruled out certain models.  I also was only looking for a sedan (which are unfortunately slowly going away it seems).  Ford/Lincoln had the Revel systems and I was drawn to it, and ended up with a Lincoln with the Revel 14 speaker (maybe, I cannot recall exactly, there is a 14 and a 19 system) and have been quite pleased.  The DAC in the head unit is also quite nice it is a 24 bit DAC by STMicroelectonics (or something to that effect).  So when I play off my attached USB drive or via the iPhone connected via USB it comes through crystal clear.

My other car, the sports car (Mustang Convertible - 1983) has all Infinity and Kenwood components but I agree with prior posters, in that car it is more about the air in my face and the sound of the 5.0L V8 that is the music there.

I remember back in the day we used to put 12V to AC converters in our car to run a home stereo receiver, and then put some beat up pair of bookshelf speakers on the rear deck of the car to blast the music ha ha.