What do audiophiles do in their cars?

All of you forum members with your killer home systems…what do you listen to in your cars?  Do y’all have custom stereo systems?  Does the quality of the stereo system actually impact your car buying decision?  I have a B&O setup in my 2021 truck, which was an upgrade and sounds decent enough, but nothing compared to a typical HiFi home system.

My wagon came with Burmester. I have to turn the bass way down because the system was evidently tuned by hearing-impaired German teenagers.

My Acura RLS came with a Krell sound system. Pretty good. Seats  are comfy and it's quiet. A nice place to listen to music, especially new music. I'll listen to the same new piece over and over before critical listening inside. In my 911S I'm happy with the engine sound

I used to only listen to older R&R in the car since most recordings aren't that good anyways..  it all sounds like crap in comparison, so I tune into a university station, playing classical without a lot of talk and NO ads. Good stuff. I need to send them a donation.