What do/did you do for a living?

With the increasingly high priced items people own and are selling, I'm curious about the line of work people do or have done. I thought my $5k integrated was a massive investment, but seeing users searching for $100k speakers or $75k SET amplifiers has me curious about the varying lines of work people do to afford these items. 
I sell ice in Nome Alaska.  Things have been slow, but I'm hoping that global warming will be good for the business and I can buy more audio gear.
Restaurant owner for the last 25 years, but more importantly, no kids. Those buggers are expensive! It took me about 15 years to get to the system I currently have. All used.
Finally satisfied. Primaluna Dialogue Premium (KT-120’s), Reference 3a Veena (upgraded), Ayon 2CD, REL 7i. It has been a rewarding journey....
I work for Honeywell and I oversee Construction of all the (Conveyors and robots)materials handling at their DCs [Amazon Fulfilment]Centers .
We have a household income above $350K/year, but I still don't buy a $1000 product with $9000 of hype . . . Having money does not mean spending it without doing the research first, and finding the best deals that meet the goals/need.

Fine Art Photographer & Faux Audiophile with Compulsive Gear Lust Syndrome. 
Industry Captain / Forensic Verminologist (Retired) / Neerdowell