What do/did you do for a living?

With the increasingly high priced items people own and are selling, I'm curious about the line of work people do or have done. I thought my $5k integrated was a massive investment, but seeing users searching for $100k speakers or $75k SET amplifiers has me curious about the varying lines of work people do to afford these items. 


"I then went to work directly for Alpine and climbed the corporate ladder.  I managed the Western states for sales & distribution and the sales force."

I still have my Car Audio Nationals jacket.  And, the trophy.

I stumbled and fell into a career in audio after the economy shouted outloud that my pursuits of "an architect in training" ambitiion was over. 51 years later, I hit the eject button, and here I am. I figured out, early on, that’s it better/cheaper to buy real estate for my location(s) than lease it. My career as a commericlal property manager was much more lucrative than "audio guru." I did manage to receive a speaker patent in 1990.

Today, my tech of 25+ years and I spend one day a week trying to keep good audio gear from going into the dumpster. It’s what I call my "involuntary not-for-profit organization", but the look on people’s faces when equipment they have a strong emotional attachment to come back to life is very rewarding.

I founded YOUniteUSA a few years ago to indentify, acknoweldge and celebrate our comment links and connections. I am involed with a number of "unite" and "depolarizing" groups. Was a delegate with a group of 600 (equal number of "reds" and "blues") who met in Gettysburg in early July. Learned something(s).

Most of my quality time is spent trying not to disappoint my kids/grandkids, and keeping the continous love story between myself and wife of 30+ years a major attraction.

Right out of school for EE (never finished my degree), I was a technician at tech companies in Chatsworth Ca.

I then went into retail management in the audio industry for about a decade. Worked at one of the most high end car audio shops in LA (in Santa Monica) during the heyday of car audio.

Went back to school for IT, when I saw the writing on the wall for car audio.

Now working in IT at Amgen (biotech - AMGEN) in Thousand Oaks, Ca. I work in the labs configuring and troubleshooting the computers and the lab instruments they control (mass specs, titrators, cell counters, DNA sequences, etc). Still no college degree (I got them all fooled😉).

Still don’t make near enough to afford the type of gear I’d like to own. The only reason why my system is quite high end, is due to solid DIY skills.

Business Owner

I end up working 12 to 15 hrs a day, 6 days a week some months and it sucks elephant-ass. I plan to retire early and teach music. I have been playing a piano & violin for 30+ years. I picked up the sarod later in life/playing it approx 10 years (opened my soul to music from the eastern part of the world).

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