What do you all think of ADS/Braun speakers?


   I had ADS speakers and loved them for their liquid and somewhat transparent sound, but it's been a long time since I heard them (I sold them to my cello student who needed a good pair of speakers for peanuts - ouch), and would like your opinion on them, before hunting them down again.


Thanks in advance - happy listening to all,




I had a pair of mint condition L420s that I gave to a very good friend of my son's.  I always had a love/hate relationship with them, finding them to be hard sounding in the upper midrange/treble.  He was very happy to have a pair of vintage speakers with beautiful walnut cabinets!

I heard and was amazed by the Brauns for your reasons. But that was in the late 70's and, frankly I couldn't afford them. Interestingly I've never seen any for sale. Note I'm not talking about ADS speakers. I doubt that I would try to find them now, but if a pair came my way I'd certainly listen to see if my memory of them reflected my present expectations.

I enjoyed a pair of 710Ls for many years until I acquired Harbeth M30s, which are better to my ears. If you’ve a mind to, take a look at the Vintage asylum at AA, where I read posts from folks who collect, refurbish, and sell ADS speakers. Good luck!

ADS L810 series 2…. my brother has 2 pair including the original stands and boxes… they still sound darned good!

In their day, they were great.  I had a pair of L610s. I don't think that can compete with modern speakers.