What do you do when you inherit some gear that you don’t want.

I have purchased and sold on here in the past.  But now I have inherited some gear that my father purchased but unfortunately never was able to hear assembled.  Please keep in mind that all the gear I list is still in unopened factory sealed boxes.  1 pair paradigm persona 3’s carbon black,with grills, 2 kef  KF92 subs, 2 each Parasound A23+ amps in black, Parasound A6 preamp, black, along w straightwire bi amp cabling..  i am favorable to keeping the Parasound and kef subs, I feel that the Parasound gear is quality neutral to me.  The paradigm persona 3’s are a different story.  I have paradigm founder 80f’s powered by a Arcam SR2500 with 2 sunfire subs rebuilt by Flannery.  The Dirac and sub crossover on the Arcam works well, at least for me but that’s enough paradigm for me in my life.  I don’t think I will like the beryllium tweeters in the persona 3’s and neither will my dogs, 45k?  I would like to keep the Parasound gear and kef subs, I have no interest in the speakers I would rather have a pair of Vandersteen trea CT’s or Totem acoustics to use the Parasound and kef subs with, any reasonable opinion is welcomed.  Also, if I were to sell the persona’s how do you ensure safe shipping to the buyer and determine the shipping the cost?  I’ve never shipped something of this size nor value,


m o f o j o, are you kidding the paradigm persona are so bright and edgy it’s not even funny, that beryllium Tweeter and midrange is awful one of the worst speakers I’ve ever listened to they’re terrible definitely not worth the money that they’re asking.


Personally where I live I rely on UPS rather than FedEx as locally the FedEx delivery personnel are independent contractors the majority of whom don’t even follow simple basic procedures such as backing into a delivery location which is standard fleet safety protocol. Secondly their delivery dates are a big if. You hang around your house for a day to sign for a package and you get a delivery delay. I had a couple of packages that for 3 days running there were delivery delays and none of it was weather related.

50% down to ship, balance On delivery.  Package within package, expanding foam 
@ all corners with plastic to keep foam off original carton(s).  Air 'pillows' @ the sides, backs.

Heavy speakers should be on a pallet, with a wood frame about the boxes.

Label 'NO STACK', 'FRAGILE-GLASS' loudly labeled all sides.

Any idiot in a shipping facility knows if it's speared with a forklift, the company just bought it and your job is toast.

Insure it for it's value; the real one.

Your object, your risk.  Become bullet-proof.

If it's heavy the shipping method should reflect that.

BTW, They Pay for the priviledge....