What do you do with all those CD's??

I need some help deciding how to store my CD's. I have about 1500. My stereo is in the living room, so I need something that looks good but is practical. I've tried binders but found them such a pain to add new CD's and keep everything in alphabetic order. What is everyone using out there? Has anyone found a good solution?
I really like the Boltz system. Nice look in my eyes. Scaleable. Very well made and very nice people to do business with. Check out their website

Take a look at my system page as well. I had a friend from work build me a 48" wide floor to ceiling unit with a larger bottom shelf for support and also useful for lp's or storage for box sets. When I began to fill the first unit up, I asked him to build me another just like it. After getting both up side by side, I had ASC build me a custom diffraction/absorber panel to cover 1/2 the unit. Each 48" unit stores 1440 cd's.
The only thing I would do different next time is to allow just a little more space between shelves to accomodate some of the recent lp style reissues.

Don't remember exactly how much I paid for each unit. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $450 in oak.
I really don't like looking at them at all, so I prefer drawers as they're easy to access. I recently discovered the storage drawers made by CanAm which are a bit pricy, but are heavy duty and hold alot of CD's efficiently and with a clean modern look.
Built to hold 2,000. I probably have 3,000 stuffed in mine... sets, and all: