What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.

I'm checking the tracking app a few times a day for where my MHDT Orchid DAC is up to between Taiwan and Australia.   And I have super tweeter diaphragms on the way for my IMF RSPM Mark IV's.
What have you got coming. From where to where. Share the excitement or heartache. 
Blodwyn Pig 'Getting To This' arrives next week.

Dual SVS SB-1000 Pro subs for my office scheduled for Monday.

Grail CF SL 8.0 etap via FedEx today, by end of day.

@Audioclint. I also have the Zu DW's paired with the SIT-3 and PL Dialogue.  You will be happy.   Dual SVS subs above will augment.
Just checked my home address and my PO Box address accounts on the USPS site.


Is my life at its end?
A field coil power supply from Mick... somewhere over the ocean now, on its fifth day of shipping.
Just received today Claudia Bettinaglio "Saving All My Love" from Switzerland, took two weeks.
Ordered yesterday - 
1pr. JBL 4312G speakers
1pr. Deer Creek Audio speaker stands (for above)
I am building 2 new systems in my new house. One for the upstairs living room area and one for the downstairs living area. 

1. I have Dutch & Dutch 8C's and a technics turntable on order for upstairs living room. Already received the SimAudio Moon 390. Combination of Synergistic Research cables and Analysis plus power cables.

2. This is the big system downstairs. Covers 2 channel and home theater. On order Boulder 2160 amp, Boulder 2110 pre, MSB Reference DAC, Sonus Faber Il Cremonese EX3ME limited edition speakers(50 pairs worldwide), Sonus Faber VOX center channel, Mcintosh MX170, Mcintosh MC255 amp, Mcintosh MI254 amp and Sonus Faber side channels and ATMOS speakers. All cabled in Synergistic Research cables.

This has been a lot of fun to put together, but the ordering and getting items is very slow. I started this in December and may be completed by the end of August. The same goes for furniture. Easy to order, but many months before delivery.