What do you like and dislike about vintage Western Electric cables?

For those who have heard vintage western electric cables in their system what were the pros and cons in your opinion? This can pertain to speaker, interconnect or power cables. 


Thank you @mitch2 I stand corrected I was under the impression that the white substance was some form of cotton either way I wish I had purchased more. Cheers.

I have not tried the WE wire, nor am I planning to. But I wouldn't expect it to be fantastic. 

After reading a lot about Belden 9497 wire and its supposedly great synergy with horn speakers (which I use) I had completely rewired my speakers with it, including the small lengths between passive crossover and drivers. 

Initially, I found it nice, it seemed transparent and at the same time it seemed to bring life to the midrange; but I quickly realized it was both very harsh and lacking extension (what a paradoxal feat) as soon as I turned up the volume, making the system almost unbearable. I swapped it for some Chinese knockoff (!) "Odin" cables which are 100x times better, smoother, more transparent, more dynamic; and I've swapped the short lengths after passive crossover with Neotech UP-OCC which gave me so much more transparency.

Probably the WE wire sounds different from the Belden, as it uses cotton dielectric, but still, tinned copper definitely sounds too "vintage" for my taste.

So I am guessing I can buy the bulk cable and hook it up as is and let it play a while to see if I like the sound. Then I can finish the build out with spade terminations and out jacket...correct? The WE 2c 10ag sounds like a perfect fir for my Luxman 595ase and ZU Omen Defs (currently running ZU Mission speaker cables)