What do you sit on?

As my system has improved I am spending more time listening but my "sweet spot" is not as comfortable as I would like. I'm looking at new chairs, recliners, etc.  This is one topic I have not seen discussed on Audiogon. What kind of chair, perhaps what specific manufacturers are favored by experienced audiophiles? Maybe a little crowd sourcing in this area might turn up some overlooked gems in the way of listening room furniture.
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Which reminds me, you will get better sound by placing cones under furniture in the room. I’m not hot doggin ya. 🌭
The ideal chair would be a dental chair which provided height and tilt adjustments as well as a thin non interfering profile, unlike most recliners. Scan Design had a really nice one, but it was out of m budget, which is why I settled on a office chair
Some of you just can't help yourselves. The OP asked for help, another said he would wait until it was safer to shop (which is good common sense) and people go on the attack. Several of you seem to jump on every thread just to start insulting each other. Why not start a thread for people who think they are clever and want to see who can be the next Don Rickles? Some of us want to learn about equipment and talk about music. Geoffkait: Forget the advice about the conniption, I'm there.
@cal91....when cables, amps, speakers, and the like lose their appeal as an item of discussion, moving on to 'seating' seems a good target. ;)

For those with physical issues, there is a definite comfort issue.  And my sympathy goes out to them.....from one with none.  And good luck seeking respite and comfort....

Me?  2 office style swivel chairs and a chaise lounge, dependent on location....when I'm not afoot.

All of which supports tush just fine...including 'afoot', which keeps it small as a potential target....*L*