What do you think is the best integrated amplifier under 1000

How's it going?! I'm in search for a integrated that can produce the best sound for the 1000 under bracket. I know it's not a lot of money for an amp, but I still think there's some great amps on the used market for that price. Or if anyone would know a great chi-fi amp for the price it would be all so helpful. I have wharfedale 9.1 bookself speakers and will be mainly using the speakers for hip hop music. My room size is very small like 9 feet by 10 feet for a computer set up. I have it running my speakers into a Emotiva basx a100 in a Arcam rdac to computer. It's just for near filed desktop use.  The speakers have a  sensitivity of 86db so looking for something powerful enough. Here are the rest of the specs:  Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 loudspeaker Specifications | Stereophile.com

Any other info you need just let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Peace.
I got the Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated last Winter and have been totally satisfied with it.
Upgrading from Emotiva separates, I found it had plenty of power and control, while improving bass and mid-bass definition and imaging.
I've used A/AB for 40+ years and I have been very impressed and relieved at the improvements brought forth by the change to "class D". 
It's a little higher than the OP's budget at 1195. 
I has many features I don't see often in It's price range: resister ladder volume vontrol, Burr Brown DAC, bass management, decent phono stage for MC/MM, back lit remote with bass, treble and sub level controls, even a sub on/Off so you can hear exactly what the sub id doing or not doing from your listening position. 



The caveat: This model has been affected by the global chip shortages and may be difficult to find.

Not a lot of love for Yamaha here but I am a fan.  Consider the Yamaha A-S801. 

Also, the Cambridge CXA61.  Another good choice.
Again thanks everyone, more reply's then I thought I would get.

I got one on scope..lol. but I can't tell y'all which one.. Cus it's on ebay and it's really cheap. hahaha, Might not be the best one but i emailed the guy to see if i could pay him the first. Because it ends soon with no bids..LOL lets see what the guy says. I'll just buy the rdac power supply another time. And still in December buy something for a thousand, or maybe i just save up since maybe i get this one. I can't help it a  bargain always catch's my attention, as well as my collectors side.. I guess i got time after all.......hahahaha
Van Alstine SET 120. IMO, a step up from Rega Brio and Audio Refinement Complete, which I also owned and are good amplifiers.