What do you think is the best integrated amplifier under 1000

How's it going?! I'm in search for a integrated that can produce the best sound for the 1000 under bracket. I know it's not a lot of money for an amp, but I still think there's some great amps on the used market for that price. Or if anyone would know a great chi-fi amp for the price it would be all so helpful. I have wharfedale 9.1 bookself speakers and will be mainly using the speakers for hip hop music. My room size is very small like 9 feet by 10 feet for a computer set up. I have it running my speakers into a Emotiva basx a100 in a Arcam rdac to computer. It's just for near filed desktop use.  The speakers have a  sensitivity of 86db so looking for something powerful enough. Here are the rest of the specs:  Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 loudspeaker Specifications | Stereophile.com

Any other info you need just let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Peace.
I agree with all who recommend Rega.

If you like your hip-hop loud, these two probably won't have enough power. I'll throw them out there anyway for others with more efficient speakers.

My personal favorite is the Kinko Audio KA-101 Pro. It drives my Fyne F703 speakers to loud levels in a fairly large room. The sound is ridiculously good for a $700 integrated.


If you like kit building, the ANK Kit L1 EL84 V2 Integrated Amplifier, right at $1k, will beat everything mentioned above for sound quality including my Kinko. I've heard it and was really impressed but I don't have one right now.


Sup y'all, I decided that I was going to wait and save. The one I was going for was a audio refinement complete. It sold for 390, but it was with 0 bids for 300. A good deal, but that amp is only 50 watts which I did not even check till later, I'm glad I did not bid on it. I got 500 saved up for now, so that's peace. I think I'm going to shoot for the 1000 mark for sure, or if I can get one for less then that would be great too, of course used. Still looking......lol.

I bought a Brio from a dealer in Syracuse NY......A week later I call him and wanted to send it back to him...terrible sounding integrated.....Worse than a 500  dollar chinese int.  He said the amp I would love is the Belles Aria...I bought that from him and never looked back. What a SWEET sounding ....great soundstage.....detailed but never harsh Punching Way above it's price point....Integrated with a really decent phono amp built in and a pre- out just in case.....Love it. Never ever read a bad review.

There are many older amps sound excellent. One of my favorites are Sony and Yamaha V-fets. Depends a lot on the type of sound you like and how loud you listen.

A Tandberg 3012 or 3012A is also a great 100 watt integrated too that will run you $4-500.  Also a Creek 5350 SE supposed to be a great sounding unit too.  I had the Creek 4330 many years back and it was a very nice sounding unit.