What do you think is the best power-amp between B&W speakers and Chord DAVE

Hi all,
I am new registered, even though I read a lot and learned a lot from this forum. 

I just got a Dave a few weeks ago. Indeed, it is great. I am trying to explore more out of it, considering upgrading my current power amp (NAD c275bee)  I love the Nad c275bee sound (it betters my YAMAHA a-s1200). I would appreciate something more transparent than the NAD. Something makes the sound MORE REAL..... 

To drive my 88dB b&w bookshelves, I think 150w could be more than enough.....so I arrived at these candidates: 

Bryston 3b3,
Chord Etude,
Passlab x150.8 or 150.5.
Parasound a23+. 

From what I read online, it is really difficult to come to an easy decision.

Someone says 4b3(3b3's big brother) is dark while someone says it is bright. PassLAB seems to be a favor from many people, but no clear ideas about how and why (some 3D sound stage?). While some people love Etude and say it is the new generation, but there are so few comments online. Parasound A23+ is also not a hot topic...... 

May I kindly ask for some suggestions and experiences? 


Actually Naim electronics would pair really well with B&W. B&W is very forward sounding speakers and Naim electronics are laid back warm smooth very refined but still excel in PRAT. They will mate really well IMO. I suggest you should consider selling your Chord Dave DAC and just get the Naim Uniti Nova all-in-one integrated. I have heard this unit and is very musical sounding amp. While the Naim Uniti Nova is only rated 80 watts @ 8 ohms but it's very robust and will be able to drive most speakers.  

Just my thought.

Thanks all! Just a quick update from my side. Considering all factors, in the end, I tool Etude to drive my 606s2 fed by a Dave. Everything is great. Thank you all again for helping out. I appreciate all the comments all the same. If space allowed, I should have tried some other amps as mentioned above. Unfortunately, my rack is tooooo small for those really good ones.  ;-( 

You made the right choice, Chord amps and Bowers speakers go very well together.  Another great pairing, although different sounding, is Accuphase.