What do you think of this power cord?

Maze Audio is a family-owned company that states it hand-makes its cables in the US.  There is a range of prices for power cables, but I was looking at this entry cable.  I don’t see any mention of the metal used in the cables, but I don’t know if that is as crucial for power cables as for interconnects.  I am interested in your opinions.  Thanks.

I have Audio Envy OE powercord. I compared it with AQ Blizzard for the esoteric k07xs sacd player. Tue Audio envy Is far superior.All the cables(speaker and interconnect cable) have the same character. Details, natural. neutral and fluid. But the cables need 200 hours burn in as minimum. Before 200 hours you perceive the details but very bright and fatigueing sound. After the cable become very natural.I guess that it isn good for the very cold and analitical equipment.They destroyed the PAD Aqoueos rca and audioquest volcano in my system.
@amadeus888:  That is another question — the Audio Envy OE p3 cable is grounded, while the OE p2 cable is not grounded.  The site states that one cable should be grounded and the rest not grounded. I’ve not read that about any other cable.  What do you make of that?  If you have more than one such cable, do you follow this advice?
Grounding is a safety consideration.  Do what the manufacturer and the NEC recommend regarding grounding.  Your electric power runs miles over aluminum wire.  At your house it changes to copper.  Normal builder grade copper Romex - anywhere from a few feet to a hundred or more depending on the distance from the panel.  A 20 amp circuit will be 12 gauge.  A 15 amp circuit will be 14 gauge.  Unless you installed a dedicated circuit, there are other power users on the circuit with your sound equipment.  However large your power cable is, the IEC320 connector on the end of it, and thus the cable too, is only rated for 15 amps no matter how large the wire.  From there, your plan is to change the last three feet of this long series LC circuit at great expense and expect to make an improvement in sound quality that increases in relation to how much you spend.  Think about it.
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