What does it take to qualify as a reviewer?

Posted in this thread earlier;
some participants said they are reviewers.

One said;

"I myself was once asked if I would be interested in reviewing for one of the publications mentioned above, by its editor. I wasn't, but also declined because I didn't feel that I was qualified: not as an audiophile, nor technically, nor as a writer."

Another said:

"let us consider what might "qualify" someone as a reviewer. Would it be an EE degree, years of experience in audio, experience as a dealer in audio, knowing many manufacturers, being wealthy enough to not be bought to give a good review to get the component at a good price, being articulate, hearing well in tests, etc.?"

And he goes on to make some other interesting remarks in the same post, in my opinion anyway.

Out of respect to the OP and not to further divert the thread from its' original theme, I began this thread.

So, what qualifications, experience, education, characteristics etc., do you believe one should possess and needs to be a reviewer?

It would be interesting to hear from everyone for I myself haven't really thought about it and can't offer an answer. Perhaps others ideas could help us form an opinion.


Ears. Just ears.

No, I'm serious. When I was asked to participate in review sessions, I agreed of course. The first or second time I showed up, the magazine editor took pains to mention that no special qualifications were necessary.

Over the noise of my deflating ego, I could hear him say that the whole point of hi-fi was that anyone could hear what the magazine people heard. If that were not the case, then it would be true that this is an elitist hobby, only suitable for a tiny subset of the population.

So I have to say that what it takes is ears, plus you need to be passing by the publication's offices when they're draggin' folks in off the street.
09-06-11: Audiofeil
>>09-06-11: Tpreaves
Most car salesmen have the skills to be audio reviewers !!!!!<<
That's an insult to car salesmen everywhere.

09-06-11: Paladin
Great thread!
I resent the remark about used car salesman, but to each his own opinion.
I do agree with about 95% of the answers & would add an ego the size of Kansas.

You guys are right, reviewers don't have to smile at you while they're lying to you!!!!
Most needed reviewer quality:

Never say anything directly bad about any gear. Rather damn it with faint praise while being able to defend the notion that the sonic pithing it delivers can be palatable in the correct room.
You need a room, high school writing skills, lips that dont mind the taste of ass and an ego that insists your actually honest and ethical even when everyone knows you strayed from it. Then you just need to sell yourself out and support your audio habbit with quid pro coe deals.
Be it midgets, preachers, failed salesman balding or not among others Bill mentioned all in all its not a bad racket if you can sleep at night.
According to the majority here, simply put, it takes a lack of integrity. pathetic...