What does one purchase after owning horns?

I have owned Avantgarde Uno's and sold them because of the lack of bass to horn integration. I loved the dynamics, the midrange and highs. Now faced with a new speaker purchase, I demo speakers and they sound lifeless and contrived. The drama and beauty of live music and even the sound of percussion insturments like a piano are not at all convincing. I have an $8k budget for speakers give or take a thousand. My room is 13'X26' firing down the length. Any good ideas will be appreciated. My music prefrences are jazz/jazz vocalist.
I guess the Horning Hybred Algame I use don't qualify for this discussion. But I would like to make the effort to hear an AG horn system somewhere just to compare.
Something to keep in mind is conventional driver high end speakers are not compressing the dynamics very much or at all at normal levels, never forget the music was mixed on them to sound dynamically true as a rendition of the studio performance by the recording technicians, or engineers as they are casually called sometimes. You can verify that with headphones, too. Horns simply direct so much of the sound in one direction that is boosts the dynamics vs small planars which can oppositely compress dynamic contrasts. And that's not to say that horns aren't good, they are excellent. But they are not more signal accurate than normal speakers. I've personally found many horns to he hard on "MY" ears where a live performance isn't. But again it comes down to preference, as no one is wrong or right about their preference. Enjoy the music.


I dream of a full range plasma speaker!

Ahh...a kindred spirit!! :-)