What does "Dark Background " mean TT terminology

Is there some sort of dictionary that would explain these audiophile terminologies? What ever happen to "sounds great", "very life like". When I'm talking to somebody describing the characteristics of an audio gear, 1/2 of the term I don't understand. All I know is that, my system sounds amazing.
I take it as when there is no music playing the system is very quiet. If it is not dark then there is some hiss even though there is no music playing.
To me dark background is when I listen at night with the lights off. Solid state of course, as tubes tend to lighten it up. Hope that helps. just kidding!!!
With respect to TTs, it means that there is very little surface noise when the music is not playing. Such as between tracks. There can be a great deal of difference between the amount of surface noise that you hear from one table to the next even with the same record. One of the many reasons I chose Galibier. Teres tables are also very good at dark backgound.