What does this mean ?

PLAY MUSIC FROM NETWORKED PC/MAC/NAS? Devices must be on the same network and support the UPnP standard and have relevant software running. Music sources that broadcast themselves on the home network are displayed on the Olive 4/4HD under Music Sources. They must be connected to the network, turned on, support the UPnP/AV (DLNA) standard and the music libraries must be published and able to be shared.

This is from the Olive Media Manual.
What am trying to do, is have the Olive Media Olive 4HD read the music files on my macbook and play those files using the Olive Media player to my sound system. However a confuse on this UPNG/AV term ?
If anyone understand this, thanks for the help.
The media player uses the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols to communicate with other networked devices.

Not sure what the G stands for in UPnG.
Short answer is *maybe*. Technically you can run a DLNA server that Olive can stream the music data off the network. There are a couple of complications because

* although DLNA is a standard protocol, each device has varying capability and not all devices work with each other. Many DLNA servers tweak their software to work with well known clients such as Sony PS3, XBox, or Nintendo Wii.

* I don't know of any good and reliable DLNA server on a Mac. Although I use Mac daily professionally and personally, I run Windows 7 for my music server. JRiver MC on Windows is very flexible and solid system. JRiver is also a DLNA server, but the usual caveat applies as previously explained about whole DLNA technology.
You’ll need a UPnP music server (software) compatible with Mac, a router and a controller (iPod type device). The router will interface with the media renderer (the Olive) via Ethernet (or wireless, but that would be less desirable than wired). The controller will interface wirelessly with the router. The server will be installed on your Mac or on a Network Attached Storage device (NAS). Everything will be tied to your in-home network (via the necessary Wep Key or WPA code – specific to your router).

The Olive product will almost certainly provide you with specific directions, including the required additional hardware and software.