what dvd player with progressive scan?

hello,would like some recommendations on which player to buy,i've been looking at the philips dvd DQ-50 retail $499,
seem's to be getting some very positive reviews.another on my list is the sony 9000es which i could get for a very good price,and the new sony dps ns900v which retail's for $1200.
and offer's progressive scan and sacd multichannel.the player will be used mainly for HT.video quality is of outmost importance.i thank you in advance for any opinion's and recommendation's.HAPPY HOLIDAY'S
I just picked up the Phillips DQ50. It does take your DVD picture to a new level!!! It has to be the "feather weight" champ-- Something like 6 lbs.HATE the remote. No eject on the remote. Most of the "push a button on the remote" features are within this wonderful (?) menu system.Having owned the Pio'Elite 09-- the dq50 is quite a come down for features-- But for picture quality,I don't think "ANYTHING" new @ 500 will beat it.
Go to the "secrets of home theatre" site and read the progressive scan shootout reviews to get information on the "Chroma Bug"