What equipment do you really like?

This thread was actually suggested by Trelja. What is out there in the Audiophile world that you really, really like. You don't have to own this equipment, it can be on your wish list. Let's keep this civil please. I will take action against those that can't behave. ENJOY!!!
I can't say much on the current electronics(no pun intended), but I really dig the Dunlavy line of speakers. I was lucky enough to hear the SC-1 proto types when the company was just forming and was floored. It is probably the best small speaker that I have ever heard, period. I still drool over the SC-VI, they will have aplace in my music room someday. They are very easy to drive, so I won't need a $100,000.00 in amps to run the $25,000.00 speakers. Does any one out there own a pair? Also check out the Dunlavy web site it's very enlightening. Todd
My Marble nOrh 7. I kinda laugh every time I read in an audio mag that someone used a knuckle "rap on the cabinet" test to test build quality etc. I am also really taken by the looks of the Densen equipment. Their B-100 and DM-10 are some of the coolest looking equipment on the planet.
I would really enjoy a pair of Avalon Eidelon speakers, but I can not quiet afford them(yet) so I live with there little brother Avalon Eclipse. Life is tough when given these types of choices.
I've never heard any avalon speaker sound anything less than spectacular; especially with roland electronics. If I had the money that's where I'd be. I do own, however, the great sounding pass labs new xono phono stage. I'm very pleased with the sound of my analog.
THE top of the line MARTIN LOGANS with KRELLS best on the bottom and CONRAD JOHNSONs best on top,The best CONRAD JOHNSON preamp with phono stage.There was this turntable that was in STEREOPHILE that weighed about 500 lbs and went for 70 g,s.As for CD I dont know yet but TUNER I would like the DAY SEQUERRA.Well I can dream can I.