What gear do you want to demo?

What component would you deeply want to demo? Why?

My demo wish list:

T+A Solitaire S540 speaker
line array sounds like the clarity of panel speaker but with the weight of a box speaker 

PS Audio Aspen FR30 speaker
first ground up designed speaker from PS Audio. Although PS Audio markets quality components, I do not own any.  But I’m a big fan of Paul’s generous advice and videos.  

Aries-Cerat Aurora speaker
unique looking attractive speaker with innovative bass loading

Living Voice Vox Olympian Horn - it's wood (maybe sounds more warm/organic), it's a horn, and it consistently gets good reviews at the Munich High End audio shows.

ENIGMAcoustics Sopranino supertweeter
Fyne Audio SupaTrax supertweeter
similar to a properly installed subwoofers which extend the range AND helps fill in ranges already covered by the loudspeakers, the supertweeter supposedly does it on the treble side (extend and fill in)

Voxativ AC-XP field coil driver - both Voxative and Pure Audio Project speaker offer the Voxativ AC-XP field coil driver as an optional upgrade, but it's an additional ~$9.5(yow).  The reviews leads me to believe that this field core driver is sonically "significantly" superior above other choices.  

ALLNIC T-2000 30th Anniversary Stereo Integrated 
ALLNIC is a favored brand at WBF by BONZO, who is into cutting edge horns and tube gear.  Because I like variety and want to try and maybe buy good tube gear, this amp has 2 sonic options- 120wpc/60wpcSET which would drive my 89db speakers.


Whats your list and why?


@jond ​An original Kondo Ongaku is something I'd love to hear.

No you wouldn't. I've owned 3 and while they are a bit bloated in the lower registers ....are not accurate and are very warm and earthy sounding. Not my cup of coffee.

(Dealer disclaimer)​​​​​​

Good choices kennyc.  I’ve heard the Voxativ fieldcoil in another system and it is quite good.  I have heard, and liked very much, Pure Audio Project speakers with the wooden horn and coaxial driver options, but not with the Voxativ.  I share your interest in hearing it with the Voxativ fieldcoil.  There is yet another Voxativ fieldcoil that costs $60 k per pair.  

I would also like to here the AER backloaded horn single driver system with their $60 k drivers.  This is like a Charney Audio system on steroids.

G.I.P. Laboratories makes some giant horn systems and fieldcoil Western Electric drivers to match.  I’ve heard their drivers but not their horns.  The drivers are very good, but some are crazy expensive (e.g., $60 k for a pair of tweeters).  

I would like to hear in my own system the Lyra Connoisseur phono stage; I heard it in a system at a show and the system sounded really good.

@yyzsantabarbara - great choices

DIPTYQUE AUDIO - seems like a panel speak but with better bass extension than Maggies

PLAYBACK DESIGNS - the Dream DAC might be my end game target, but the new Lampi Poseidon DAC also looks like a fantastic sonic buy


The fabled magical sonics Lyra Connoisseur phono stage that will stand the test of time. Great Choice.


I’ll add another fantastic component that stands the test of time:

Berning 211/845 amplifier - Berning has a great reputation/reviews across his product line, and this amp is often mentioned as sonically as amongst the best amplifier of all time