What happen to MQA on Tidal?

After listening to Tidal only on my phone the last few weeks, I went to stream on my home system but soon realized all my MQA tracks were no longer showing up and the MQA parameters were absent in my streaming settings.  I see Tidal is in "administration" (Chapter 11???).   One of the main reasons I subscribed to Tidal was MQA and purchased a DAC that could decode the format.   I think I should have at least been informed by Tidal if it was cancelling MQA.  Any thoughts? 

I know a lot of people hate (hated) MQA, but like any format I have listened to (Vinyl, CD, SACD, FLAC, MQA, etc.) , some things sound great and others on a plain old red book CD sounds better. 


@tvrgeek Wrote:

MQA was a flop. For better or worse. I expect to see Atmos follow suit. 


Maybe somebody cares but even with a revealing high end system all I could do is assume it sounded better which It might not have. Not loosing any sleep over it.

Trying to attach a jpeg of my settings, all my MQA options are gone, just setting of "Low", "High", and "Max".  Time to contact Tidal support.

Simplify your life and do a trial of Qobuz, and no MQA or other Tidal BS to deal with.  I switched years ago — as have many here — and have never looked back.