What happen to MQA on Tidal?

After listening to Tidal only on my phone the last few weeks, I went to stream on my home system but soon realized all my MQA tracks were no longer showing up and the MQA parameters were absent in my streaming settings.  I see Tidal is in "administration" (Chapter 11???).   One of the main reasons I subscribed to Tidal was MQA and purchased a DAC that could decode the format.   I think I should have at least been informed by Tidal if it was cancelling MQA.  Any thoughts? 

I know a lot of people hate (hated) MQA, but like any format I have listened to (Vinyl, CD, SACD, FLAC, MQA, etc.) , some things sound great and others on a plain old red book CD sounds better. 


I just listen to Qobuz or Tidal and the max resolution they have. I don't worry about the format, just what sounds good to me. I guess I can't understand why so many people fuss about it. There seem to be far more differences in album production and how it affects sound quality ??

Wow, what a concept!!   Actually listen to and enjoy music based upon what it sounds like rather than what it is.


It's so good that they even make some 44.1 streams MQA 44.1 streams, so that it has to go through an extra chip that they claim makes it sound just like the original 44.1 track did.

Next, they'll say that men are cheaper than women, and you should try them out, too, so that they can save money, while charging you double anyhow.

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