What happened to all the highend stereo shops

What happened to high end stereo shops I mean real high-end stereo shops. I am 78, my father bought me my first stereo when I was 12, I have been hooked ever since. I remember the days when you can go to a nice audio store and not just audition what they had in the store but if you saw a couple of tuners, preamps or some cables that you liked, you could give them a blank check and take the equipment home to audition on your system. Bring one or both back Pay for what you want to keep or get your check back. I don’t understand how someone can buy an expensive piece of audio equipment and not audition it in their system first. Many places today, you buy it and your stuck with it. OH yes you can sell it on Audiogon or eBay. Reviewers are nice and give good reviews but the problem I have is the equipment they are auditioning  is on their system in their treated music room which is going to be different than what you have. 

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You are right... I am insecure when you post your sarcasm RIGHT AFTER my post.... And as you know "sarcasm" is never a clear thought with a clear meanings... It can be read in many ways and aim many target...

But i am glad to be wrong if it is the case and happy that you dont bother with me...

thanks for that...

You insecure fool. I was addressing the outrageous and inconsiderate remarks made by crlambert, not you.

As Mick Jagger implores in the film Gimme Shelter, "Cool out!" (I hope I'm right in this film reference).  Cobbling together and listening to high fidelity systems should be fun and fulfilling, if perhaps a bit tough on the wallet, house mates & neighbors. There's no reason to catapult components at each other.🙂

Yeah. We have to face the fact that the music industry was eclipsed both in popularity and financially, long ago by the video game industry and THAT is where it is at today for anyone 35 and younger. Music that sounds disposable (today’s pop, rap, and cookie cutter metal) is disposable. It all becomes the "flavor of the week" if they even pay attention to it.

I can imagine their class reunions won’t be about playing any music that they remember but rather maybe have a bunch of "classic" video games they all can play while drinking beer while most of the women sit around bored.

This hobby always was a niche and likely is going to be a smaller one. I’m glad it is still large enough for manufacturers to keep churning out good products. We are very fortunate in that regard. For $10K to $50K and up for complete systems, you can find price commensurate products that are simply amazing.

Who knows what the future might bring. Maybe the pendulum will swing back and music will become important again. I hope so. But I doubt I’ll be here to see it.

I live in NC and we are lucky to have Audio Advice and a few smaller brick and mortar stores. When I can, I buy from them instead of Amazon or wherever online.