what happened to Cary 500MB?

I came across a review from '05 of the Cary 500 mono blocks, and they thought they were outstanding!! So I researched some more, these are supposed to be amazing for SS, everyone's stoked and then, by mid'06 - nothing. Nary a mention. Can't find any used ones.
Still on Cary's website, though.
What happened? Maybe no one knows (like where the Federal Reserve has been lending money - sorry - I digress) - or did they "fall out of favor"? Although I didn't come across anything negative about them??
Don't let this discussion stop you from checking out the Spectron. They may very well work for you, but I clearing prefered the Cary. Well another thing that actually made the Cary work so well for me is the fact that I do have the Cary SLP 05 pre-amp so it was a perfect match.
Drubin, I have the C2's paired with the 500MB's for over a year and a half and have not even looked for another amp since then. They replaced Lamm M1.1's.
Don't try to e=mail cary for any answers why they stopped production. I e-mailed them twice without a reply, customer service has gone down since Dennis gave up the day to day grind. In comparison I emailed Mac for the same question on there amp and was emailed back the next day.
I did email Cary and got a quick response. They still make the amp and say that any of their dealers can get it.
Russe41, Probably just a bad day, cause I call and email Cary over the past few weeks and go the same excellent support.