What happened to Jfox

There was once an active contributor to the Audiogon Forums who went by the name Jfox. He was a very knowledgeable audiophile who had a very fine system: Sound Lab A-1 speakers, Aesthetix Io phono, Calisto pre,and Cat amps. He was a fine writer who contributed a lot. Since around 2005, he seems to have dropped out of sight. Does anyone remember him and know what happened? I would appreciate hearing. Thanks, Tom
"Just harder to do under the new system of controlling communication"

What has changed in this regard exactly?

Isn't it natural for people to move on to new challenges once old ones are conquered effectively?

There will always be those who are interested in new developments in technology and how that might be leveraged effectively in a hobby like audio. That's a big reason why I stick around despite little real change in my setup for several years now.

Then there is always the sharing of knowledge that benefits all, assuming an appetite.

THings change. People change and move on, sometimes deciding to turn back.

There is only so much mileage left in rehashing old generalized arguments however. Tubes, SS, vinyl, digital, power tweaks....what else can be said there except when a new product comes along to introduce a new wrinkle? Only those who still have a related proglem to address or are just interested in technology are likely to care.

Hopefully, those new to the site can cut through the noise (not an easy task though) and find the useful information, of which there is plenty.
Mapman, How do we help the new members cut through the noise? This site has so much knowledge, and clearly a lot of us are still hanging around who helped develop the useful files, but finding them is nearly impossible.

I have noticed many mid-fi newbies who are asking real questions and looking for real guidance, only to have there voices stomped down by the background noise. How can we help these people, they are the future of this hobby.

Is there a way to have the site sort through the files and pull out the truly helpful threads and post them in a separate category? Any thoughts...

I know the forums have never been a real priority to Audiogon management, so I doubt they will take on the task unless there is money in it, and that should never be the answer.
Jafox, sorry to hear about your speakers. Today's Sound Labs with the PX technology and the Consumate backplates provide a huge leap in SQ over what they did even just a few years ago. You would be amazed!
"Mapman, How do we help the new members cut through the noise?"

Its up to the members/participants to help mostly it seems. Many seem to take it upon themselves to do so.

There is power in numbers.

It would be nice if A'gon had some quality control features to help avoid total nonsense, but I suppose that might entail a fine line in order to cross into censorship that is better left alone.

After all its just audio/music. What's the worst thing that can happen? Bad sound? Empty bank accounts with little to show maybe?

Hopefully less of both at least when all participate in good faith.
Grant, I'm glad to hear that you are alive and well.
Keep on trucking.