What happened to my room acoustics

I measured the spectrogram for my room at my MLP, and the FFT results are as follows:

- There is a roll-off before 20kHz.

- A dip is present around 12kHz.

- There is a noticeable boost between 50Hz and 1.5kHz.

- The bass rolls off around 33Hz at -3dB, consistent with the factory rating.

Comparing these measurements to the Burchardt measurements, there are some differences:

- It doesn’t exhibit a roll-off before 20kHz.

- The dip is around 15kHz.

- The boost between 50Hz and 1.5kHz is not as pronounced as in my room.

I’m curious about what might be happening with my room acoustics. If a fix is possible, what would it entail?

Spectrogram from my zoom


My room / speakers setup


Measurements from Burchardt



I also have a pair of Buchardt Audio S400 MkIIs, and just a couple of recommendations based on experience.....though I have never measured the room. I am building a new audio room, and have a DSPeaker Anti-Mode to install at that time.

(1) In my experience, 3 feet into the room for the Buchardts is too much, I found the cleanest and most accurate bass at about 20 inches from the front wall; Buchardt recommends closer placement to the front wall.

(2) I'd reach out to Mads Buchardt for his opinion, I have found him (along with Don Sachs and Alvin Chee at Vinshine) to be most generous with his time and help. He  frequently posts and answers questions on the Buchardt Audio Worldwide Owners Group.....or just email them, you will definitely get a response.

Oh, and I agree.....you are sitting about 3 to 4 feet too far away, and are hearing too much room influence. Mike Major at GIK Acoustics also might be of help, mike.m@gikacoustics.com

@vthokie83To clarify, my 3 ft (now 33 inches) is measured from the tweeter. So, the distance between my PR (passive radiator) and the front wall is also 20 inches. I find this to be a good compromise between the bass and the soundstage depth. How about yours?