what happened to power cord review

Back on 6/17/01 there was a post by Lcat about doing a power cord shoot out. Does anyone know what the results were?. I've been waiting for the results to help me make an informed decision before i buy some power cords.
I cannot tell you what happened to the review but there have been plenty of powercord reviews.

I will give you some general characteristics of powercords and maybe that will help you decide what your system needs.
Realize that everybody is now making powercords because they have been hot for the last 3 years.

Mixing different brands of powercords is usually sonically more rewarding than using just one brand.

An odd thing about powercords is that the longer they are the better they sound but they get much too costly plus where would you stick all the excess?

Shunyata powersnakes have made a huge splash on the market for a company now only 3 years old. Caelin Gabreil the owner is fanatical about R&D and will never put a product on the market till he has extensively exhausted all possible avenues to make it as good as possible. That is why after 3 years no speaker cables nor interconnects although I have had many excellent prototypes here at the store.

The strength of the powersnakes is that I consider them from top to bottom the most consistent powercord. What I mean by that is that they will enhance what your system sounds like in every direction without changing it as dramatically as some other cables. Depending on what you are seeking that can be the perfect solution or not resolve what you seek at all. I consider the King Cobra V2 the best digital powercord although it has some tuff competition at less money.

The Synergistic powercords - Once you get beyond the Master coupler that softens the top end these are the KINGS of Transparency. Put a Designer reference on your digital and you will get information that you never knew existed, put the DR Square on an amp and lookout. Again this can be just what your system needs but if you already have tremendous transparency these are not the cords they can take your system over the top.

Audio Magic has recently had some very good reviews and these are the masters of delicacy and finesse with good speed. The Clairvoyant on digital can be intoxicating especially if your system is a touch harsh.

Electraglide - super fast and dynamic cables. The Fat Man is unbelieveable on amps giving them a very large full bodied sound. Beware putting too many in a system - - the full bodied sound overdone can make your system sound slow and fat - - audio is like everything in life all things in moderation. Too much of a good thing and the magic just goes away. All the Electraglide cables are impressive but the three standouts are the Referenceglide, the fat boy and the fat man.

Nordost El Dorado powercord is very fast but can be on the bright side. If your system is overly warm this might be the shot of performance that it needs.

There are many other powercords out on the market but i do not feel comfortable talking about the lines that I do not carry. I am constantly having companies send me powercords to evaluate since I have found that powercords have a larger overall effect on a system than any other cables. In actuality I would not have responded to this forum except that it looked like no one else was going to and I hope the information is helpful.
Well,since we no longer have the voting system I'll give you both my thumbs up for an excellent post; indeed !! Nothing like some "yahoo" telling you one cable does it all.
Could you comment a little more on which power chords are the best bang for the buck. I can't afford $500-1000 a pop upgrades but don't want to miss a really good chord at $250


Audiotomb, the Absolute Power Cord is pound for pound the undisputed king of power cords. Only $49.95 at www.gttgroup.com
Psychicanimal, thanks for recommending the Absolute power cord, which for $50 I ordered on faith.

Of my half dozen moderately priced PCs, the BMI Eel has been best in my system; haven't heard the Whale. But over the weekend I bought a used Sony SCD-777ES player and my Eel, which I brought along, was to my ears bested on the seller's system only by his more expensive Electraglide Fatboy.

Any other experiences with these and other PCs?

While it's only been a few days, I'm completely happy with the 777's SACD playback. For CD playback, I'm using an outboard Monarchy DAC but the 777 alone is very close. The only negative thing so far isn't the 777's long loading time but a 12 db or so drop in output compared to my Theta/Monarchy combo.