what happened to power cord review

Back on 6/17/01 there was a post by Lcat about doing a power cord shoot out. Does anyone know what the results were?. I've been waiting for the results to help me make an informed decision before i buy some power cords.
Audiotomb, the Absolute Power Cord is pound for pound the undisputed king of power cords. Only $49.95 at www.gttgroup.com
Psychicanimal, thanks for recommending the Absolute power cord, which for $50 I ordered on faith.

Of my half dozen moderately priced PCs, the BMI Eel has been best in my system; haven't heard the Whale. But over the weekend I bought a used Sony SCD-777ES player and my Eel, which I brought along, was to my ears bested on the seller's system only by his more expensive Electraglide Fatboy.

Any other experiences with these and other PCs?

While it's only been a few days, I'm completely happy with the 777's SACD playback. For CD playback, I'm using an outboard Monarchy DAC but the 777 alone is very close. The only negative thing so far isn't the 777's long loading time but a 12 db or so drop in output compared to my Theta/Monarchy combo.
If you look at my previous postings on the Absolute PC you'll find the scientific explanation as to why it works.
I agree with Bill's explanation. It makes a lot of sense to me. No need to spend thousands...

Bill Parish is an extremely knowledgeable High End dealer and I trust him. He could have put a fancy outer sheath on his cord and charge a lot more. He chose not to.

I own three Absolute Power Cords. I am going to have the third one hardwired in my low output MC preamp per Bill's suggestion.

I like 'homemade' stuff. I am experimenting with Carol 16 ga silver plated OFC speaker wire I bought at a clearance in Home Depot ($10 for 25 ft!). I hardwired an Audio Control 502 EQ and it's sounding REALLY clear in my system. Read the scientific explanation and you'll understand why the Absolute beats the Voodoo...
I've ownedthe Shunyata Sidewinder, the Synergistic AC Master Coupler, and the Voodoo Mana, and the Voodoo is superior to the others in several ways on my system. What makes the Absolute better than these three? I tried the Absolute, but it just sounded like stock 12/3 SJO cord. What do you base your opinion on?