What happened to Revel?

Can anyone tell me why the Revel line of studio grade speakers has disappeared from the journals radar?

In the late 90's all we heard about was the enormous effort and money put in by Harmon to design a cost no object statement.

Was Mr. Aczel from Audio Critic right, are the Salon's and gems really middle of the road, all technology with no integration?
I am not sure what you mean by disappeared. Take a look at revelspeakers.com and you'll see all the reviews. If anything, I think Revel speakers may getting too much attention.
I completely agree with SFstereo. I have heard a great deal more about various Revel products (especially Studio and Salon) than about virtually any other brand of speaker at similar price points. I feel that the audiophile conscience is almost overwhelmed by Revel.
I also agree there is much talk about Revels. And there is a very good reason. I think they are the best sounding speakers I have ever heard. And I wont stop until I have them. Thats my opinion I a/b the 39,000 wilsons against the Salons and I liked them better maybe I was looking at it from a price perspective also but I love their sound. I have only heard them with Levinson gear.