What Have I Bought?

I saw a pair of large Advent speakers listed on CL by a seller whom I've bought other items from before. The pictures looked like the bullnose version of the speakers, and that's all I needed to know. The pictures showed the speakers to be in almost-mint condition, so I plunked down the money via PayPal and drove the 70 miles to pick them up the following weekend. I was more than pleased when I saw them...even the documentation (2 sheets) on the back of the speakers was in near-mint shape. Gorgeous walnut cabinets, but they weren't the bullnose edition specifically, although they did have a beveled front that is semi-bullnose. I know that Advent produced several versions of the large model and am not sure which one these are. The sound is to die for....flat, uncolored, and unbelievably well-balanced. Doesn't stand out in any particular way, but you just want to keep listening for hours. Anyone that might recognize which model these are please respond. Henry Kloss was a flat-out genius.
I did not particularly like the Large Advents back when they came out.  But, the Powered Advent was a different matter--it had a much more lively sound.  It was so much better than the Large Advent, even though the driver complement was the same.  That said a lot about the value of bi-amping with an active crossover.
To find them in such well-cared for condition is rare indeed. Now to sweeten the nostalgia, find a well-cared for Advent 300 receiver to drive them with. If you are not into head banging or trying to fill a stadium with sound you’ll be very pleasantly surprised how much the combo will satisfy. Enjoy!
Damn you, tubegb! Went to flea-bay and found a respectable-looking 300 receiver at a very reasonable price (but made a lower offer since they charge tax now). I couldn't resist since this looks like a really cool piece of audio history, and is packed with features. A no-nonsense prodigy from the mind of Henry Kloss! I'll use it to build a small system around a pair of Minimus 7s (the wooden ones made in Japan).
I'm really surprised you found a pair in mint condition as the woofer's foam surround was subject to deterioration.