What have YOU got?

I am curious to know what the general AudioGon population has for equipment, so let's hear it! Any female audiophiles out there? Let us know...
I love Theta Digital! I have a Pro Basic IIIA and two TLCs in my car. A Progeny A and Cobalt A in the house. Speakers by Apogee and Dynaudio. 75 ohm digital cables by DH Labs with BNC connectors. Interconnects by Cardas and Kimber.
Bjack70jr, how do you like the DH-Labs digital cable? I am looking to purchase one but wanted several honest opinions first.
My system is pretty simple, but it does the job. I have a CAL Audio DX-2 CD player, Golden Tube SEP-2 preamp and GT SE-100 power amp which I just bought, wired with a pair of Cardas Quadlink 5c to a pair of Hales Rev 2s. Like I said, I just bought the amp and recently moved and am trying to assess the system right now, but I really do enjoy it, which is really what this is about. Audiogon has been a great asset in trying to do all of this...
B&K ST 1400 II amp

B&K PT3 pre-amp

CAL DX-2 CD Player

PSB Stratus Bronze speakers

Tara Labs Prism Bi-wire speaker wire

Tara Labs Prism 33i interconnect

Transparent The One interconnect

Total cost: about $2500, and I love it!