What Holiday Gifts did you ask for or Give to Yourself?

I have been too busy to even think about what I would have asked for or given myself. One of my friends is going Buck Wild giving UPS a profitable finish to the year.



Treated myself to 2 new 1.0m coax cables from Ali-E to compare to my Odin 2 which sound excellent on excellent recordings, but dry on many/most CDs; Odin 2 Gold and a Grey Knight High Fidelity OCC Silver Plated Coaxial SPDIF Subwoofer RCA TV HD Audio Cable 75 Ohm Digital Audio Decoder Cable both under $100 with free shipping: should be here early next week

Im as excited as when I was a little kid getting a vibrating football game

My wife gave me a pair of Western Electric capacitors made in 1934.  She’s the best!

I treated myself to a Hana Umami and immediately purchased more vinyl. @fbgbill I have that same Aja on the way. Glad to hear it was worth the $. Next week they are playing with the Eagles here in Los Angeles.