What Holiday Gifts did you ask for or Give to Yourself?

I have been too busy to even think about what I would have asked for or given myself. One of my friends is going Buck Wild giving UPS a profitable finish to the year.



@tomic601 Is that the new one with the prism on the cover? Any good?

@rsmith73  I heard that in a certain voice!


Pair of Clayton Shaw Caladan OB speakers; bought back in October, but my Christmas present

Nice gifts people!

I have started my first voyage into the world of tube amplifiers.  I purchased a used Decware Torii MK IV with three full sets of tubes. Using this ~26 watt amp on a pair of 90db sensitive Vandersteen IC and a pair of Vandersteen V2W subs. Absolutely fantastic so far.  Merry Christmas to me.