What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under

I’m looking to go potentially go back to a horn loaded speaker, or hybrid budget under $15k. I’ve had LaScala’s in the resent past (prior to my current Spendor D9.2’s that are for sale now) and loved them but I feel there is better out there for similar money.

JBL horns like the 4367 or 4349, S3900, S4700? Volti? LALS? others I’ve forgotten or not known.

I’d like to have efficiency above 90db,

extension to 35hz or close to it, I could live with subs though.

I’m not apposed to used in good condition, I will not buy black speakers though.



I’ve owned & really enjoyed the Volti Audio Rivals for  a 1 1/2.years now. They do most things very well & effortlessly at any volume level. The smaller Razz are also quite good for less than half the price. Both are worth a serious audition. 

Never liked the Volti sound signature...I'm with the JBL people. They know what 'Musical'  Means.

What is it about the horn sound you prefer?  Directivity, dynamics, efficiency, or the :horn" IM? 

Have you considered something like a older Gedlee that used a compression driver on a waveguide, sort of a horn? Also used a PA style woofer.   Or the new Purify large wave guide speaker?  Neither of these will work if you have a 12W tube amp though. They will give the kind of dynamics you may be looking for but much flatter response and lower IMD. 

Personally, I consider horns only useful for PA.  Places where the SPL and efficiency overshadow DR.  Great we have so many choices though. 

@glennewdick Wrote:

I’d like to have efficiency above 90db,

FWIW, The JBL 4435's have an efficiency of 2.7% and a sensitivity of 96 dB @1 watt @ 8 Ohm's. 😎