What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under

I’m looking to go potentially go back to a horn loaded speaker, or hybrid budget under $15k. I’ve had LaScala’s in the resent past (prior to my current Spendor D9.2’s that are for sale now) and loved them but I feel there is better out there for similar money.

JBL horns like the 4367 or 4349, S3900, S4700? Volti? LALS? others I’ve forgotten or not known.

I’d like to have efficiency above 90db,

extension to 35hz or close to it, I could live with subs though.

I’m not apposed to used in good condition, I will not buy black speakers though.



If you have 50ish watts a side theJBL 4367’s are great.  Even with the the 15” woofer, it won’t go down to 35dbs, but if you find you want more bass, one powered subwoofer should be enough to fill in.

All the best.

@ditusa wrote:

I would look for a used pair of JBL 4435’s. I own a pair, great 3D imaging and wide soundstage. See review below and tech manual for JBL 4435’s:


It's been over 30 years ago since I last listened to the JBL 4435's and their smaller siblings, the 4430 (some years earlier, around 1980, I remember listening to a pair of Yamaha FX-3's - also quite impressive monitors, for a pair of young ears not least). Those were also the days of the Everest DD55000 and K2 S9500, and of the four of them I favored the K2 S9500's for their outright dynamics, coherency and MTM configuration. Indeed at the time they were my dream speakers. I'd have cherished listening to them actively configured - to think it would have made them even more dynamically astute, and resolved sounding. 

I little more money but a ridiculous bargain is this used Volti Vittora. A definite step up from the La Scala.  I’d buy them but I don’t have the room.  



May I kindly ask what subs you are using with your 4367's?  Just curious...