What I really hate about some music

When I listen to music, there are four things that I really bothers me and was wondering if there are others who feel the same way about songs just as strongly as I do. I don't like feeling this way but when I hear these things, I just want to turn the music off and I'm not sure why the song writer doesn't realize he probably has a dud and not a hit. Here they are:

1. When a song writer finds a catchy phrase and the singer repeats the line three times in a row and then a stanza later, here it comes again repeated all three times and this just keeps going on and on.

2. Very similar to the above, a writer writes a real good line of music and then makes the whole song a repeat or variation of this line of music and has no imagination to add a little something in-between.

3. Singers who can't really sing well and think they can but get such really great score of music behind them that if a really good singer sang the song it would be wonderful to listen to. Please understand that carrying a tune to me doesn't make a good singer and I'm not talking about karoke singers here either.

4. Rhyming in a melody.... Please you can predict what the next line of the song is going to be before it is sang because it rhymes with the last line just sang...


 Lou Reed sings the lines Last Great American Whale  4 times in a row and it's fine with me. 

I’m sorry but this is one of the stupidest post I’ve ever read. I agree with Ron ribbons, if you don’t give examples we can’t know the validity, if ever, if your arguments. 

This  is true , there are exceptions such as classics 

such as Light my fire, who’s name with Fire used many times , is poetic and great singing ability , there are many great bands that have repetitive songs ,

I guess much depends on the quality of the composers ability ,and arrangement 

the musical content behind it has much more to do with it to me then the over dubbing of words. But I do agree with your points in many cases.