What Integrated Amp do You use

        What integrated amp do you use, i picked up a Parasound Hint6 and totally fell in love. This thing is such a perfect all around performer, i was curious as to what other Integrated Amp people where using and why
NAD C368. My first choice was the Parasound New Classic 200, but I was offered a 25% discount on the former and took the bait.
Budget hobbyist here. I would love to own the Hint 6 if I had the dough to spare. 
Marantz PM-14S1. Probably the last amp I will buy. A beautiful sounding well made product.
Mcintosh MA252 does a very sweet job of driving a vintage pair of Meadowlark Kestral 2s.  I streaming from a rebuilt desktop pc with a 1 terabyte ssd that I've copied my entire CD collection (.flac) through fiber to vintage but top of the line Denon dvd player.  Looking now for a good  deal on a DAC with balanced outputs because of the limited inputs of the 252.