What Integrated Amp do You use

        What integrated amp do you use, i picked up a Parasound Hint6 and totally fell in love. This thing is such a perfect all around performer, i was curious as to what other Integrated Amp people where using and why
Bakoon Amp 5521.Somehow combines extreme clarity and resolution without sounding analytical or cold.
I have a Luxman L-505uxII.  Still experimenting with it, but love the sound.

@bkmaxey, what speakers are you using with your Luxman L505uxII? I have Acoustic Zen Adagio, but they are too big for my current room.  Looking for monitors that would pair well with this amp.
Using a Rogue Audio Corona Mag II for three years now. No intention to change . I have my tube combination. Very good sounding amp when you choose the right tubes for it and what's right for you that is. Room is treated very important, all Wywires throughout. Everything matters. I have had more than a few different amps here nothing moved me. All others were solid state except fo my Pathos Classic MKII I ran for 5 years. Lots of variables and personal tastes. Again, everything matters. After many years at this I believe there is no reason to spend HUGE money being asked now for some products.Also buy used!!!