What Integrated Amp for Reynaud Offrandes

I've decided to sell my Trentes in favor of the larger Offrandes. I'm planning to replace my VAC PHI 30/30 amp with a higher powered integrated with phono stage to drive these. Are there any Offrande owners out there who have found a synergistic match? The distributor recommends a hybrid or push pull integrated tube amp. I'm thinking maybe Vac Super Avatar or one of the Musical Fidelity integrateds.
I highly recommend the Symposium products - try the new couplers beyween the amp and Ultra.

You're really gonna love the NAF 845!

Our demo NAF 845 Integrated Spec Ed is available and all we ask is someone to post their comments to help spread the word.

Jim Ricketts/tmh audio
At long last my Offrandes have arrived. I've spent the past few weeks gazing logingly at my NAF 845 SE integrated sitting there with no speakers to drive. After listening to the combo now for about 5 hours, I have to say I'm over the moon.

I know from experience with the Trentes that these speakers have a long way to go before they are broken in. Right out of the box though, they are outstanding. I wish that I had purchased the speakers and amp at different times, so I would know where to credit what I'm hearing. I have to say that by far, this is the best imaging system I have heard. That includes my old Spica TC-50's and Totem Model 1's. The soundstage is wide, deeply layered, and rock steady. This is a very unexpected surprise, as the Trentes with the VAC PHI 30/30 did not come close.

As I had hoped, the presentation is at the same time vivid, but also pleasantly natural sounding. I'm sitting in about row three, just where I like to be. Altogether thrilling and captivating, but not harsh or shrill at all. I can tell that the bass has a way to go as the speakers break in, but honestly, I'd be overjoyed with this system, even if they stayed where they were. I can't imagine what I'll be hearing in a few hundred hours. If I ever try to sell one of these pieces, someone come to my house and slap me ;-)!

Soliver, thanks so much for bringing the New Audio Frontiers 845 SE to my attention. I never would have known about this integrated amp if you didn't bring it to my attention. This is a manufacturer that deserves to be much better known in the States. I'd also like to thank the distributor, Jim Ricketts, who was very generous in offering his time, even though I bought the amp from a privte party. I see that Jim is selling his demo model on Audiogon as I write this. I hope someone snatches it up.
Gary: Congrats on the new speakers. I own a pair of the Offrande Supreme v2s. They will improve significantly over the first 150 hrs, and continue to get better until they have reached about 500 hrs.

Dunno what speaker cables you are using but when I switched to Teresonic Clarison cables, they made a big difference. Clarity and treble extension noticeably improved as did bass and PRAT. I highly recommend them.