What integrated would you recommend for summer amp?

Hey all, I'm feeling sinful for running my Primaluna Dialogue HP integrated all summer long.  It pumps out modest heat but it does push the A/C to run longer and all that seems wasteful. 

Thing is, I want to keep life simple and within my means right now. So, I'm thinking the budget needs to be ~$1k new/used.  Here's my setup now: 

  • Primaluna integrated
  • Klipsch Forte III loudspeakers
  • Manley Chinook phono pre
  • Technics 1200 GAE turntable
  • Kiseki Purpleheart cartridge
  • Bluesound Node (Tidal mostly)
  • Old Rotel CD player
  • Doge Audio Tube DAC
  • Analysis Plus cabling
  • REL T9i subwoofer
Let the recommendations fly!
@luisma31,  I have been looking at Yamaha.  The build quality is super and the company is really committed right now. 

@ebm,  I'm not getting rid of anything.  You always seem to make abrupt posts that have a negative tone. Try saying something constructive and insightful. If you have knowledge to share, it's welcome.  
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I bought a “summer” amp because I don’t like to use the AC much and my Almarro, with its 6c33c tubes, runs so hot normally that I wanted to save it from burning itself up! Reason I put summer in double quotes is because it was also an excuse for me to buy an amp I’d had years ago but now my speakers are a better match and I’m happy to have it again for a change whatever the season. It’s a red wine audio signature 30.2 lfp-v, runs cool as it is solid state with a (single) tube input stage and a deal at $600.
roncagg, thank you for the suggestion. I'm researching that one now!  Looks interesting. 
Man,the last week I've had a Creek Evolution 50a with Ruby DAC board in my living room..The first SS amp I've lived with in about 12 years & color me mighty impressed!The headphone circuit is world class,rivaling the hi end tube amps I've lived with(Woo,modded APPJ Audio PA1502 & Cavalli)...Listening through my Harbeth M30.1's is sooo close to my tube amp I am going to sell it & the Creek & move up to something in the $2500.00-$5000.00 range like a Goldnote is-1000 or Micromega M-One...