What interesting gear has been realeased since 2020?

No date police.  Just asking what's reasonably new which you have found interesting.
I’d like to hear the new Boulder 866 integrated. Also, the Pass Labs Int-25. If I had high-efficiency speakers, the Raven tube ints. And would like to hear the NAD M33. Thinking about Acquiring some Klipsch Forte IVs.
what have I found interesting recently?

by way of hardware there are some likely not new this year, though are recent version alterations and or upgrades in speakerage and conbo DA/Integrated amps, of which I bought each for a secondary or office outfit, and as a baseline for future builds.

on a personal note, the fact I’m OK with paying nearly a grand for rusty, welded and splatter painted steel speaker stands filled with fine grained mnaterials and furthermore I’ll wait six to eight weeks to receive them!!! whoa!

its things like this that cause me to start doubting my sanity.     lol

on the flip side of this coin, dropping waht a decent car or truck might cost on a new pair of two way speakers and an integrated amp plays no part in the ‘has your noodle finaly slipped off the plate’ inquiry ?

with any luck at all sanity will not return until all the needed cabling and iso devices are on board.
Define "interesting".  For me it's got to go significantly beyond that latest refinement or tweaking of an existing model, which is what most manufacturers do most of the time.  It doesn't have to approach a "paradigm shift", but it needs to be significant.


AGD Audion monoblocks

Puritan PSM 156 power conditioner

possibly the latest iteration of Coda amplifiers

Silversmith Fidelium cables