What is a very nice sounding tube preamp?

I'm looking for a nice tube preamp. I don't want to spend a fortune. Does anyone know of a spatial tube preamp that is not #3,000? I'd like some help. I know there's someone that knows of a special tube preamp, that very nice. Would some one make discisions? OPPO 95, Emotiva XPA-1's Mono's. Thanks! Breeze1
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In addition to the previous recommendations, all very sound,

I own a new , Jolida Fusion, owned a Audible Illusion 3a bought used. Both at your price point and very good. You might also consider Quicksilver.

Enjoy and let us know your choice.

The Joule Electra LA-150 SE and the LA-300 ME are both excellent. I recommend trying to get a used LA-150 SE, get new tubes and you'll be in audio nirvana.
You really need to take a close look at the Eastern Electric Avant... I bought one a few months back and honestly, it's one of the best values ever. The sound is truly amazing! Now, is it perfect? No... the balanced input is marked XRL... but heck, that's about the only thing I can fault, and I can really live with that!