What is an audiophile? Are you an audiophile?

I had been pondering this question since I have been involved in audio. Not sure what audiophile means. I went to a few fellow audio gurus get together events and although I had fun and liked the company, I felt out of place. In fact of the opinions and passion people here on Audiogon have, I do not have such strong attachments. So what is your take.... are you an audiophile? If you are, how do you know?
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What's in a name? If you called yourself an audiophile, or felt strongly that you weren't; would that change anything about who you are right now?
This question has been asked many times before, and it really has no answer.
Anyone that likes quality music can call themselves an audiophile, but unfortunately most are inexperienced idiots.
Yeah, I'm giving you a rough first draft here, but here goes...  Audiophiles love music.  Though their individual tastes and preferences may vary, they want to be able to reproduce the music they love as closely to their tastes & perceptions as their circumstances and pocketbooks can afford.