What is an easy way to convert wav files to Flac?

I know this topic has been covered, but was wondering if there is an updated, and easy to use process. I had an old Qsonix server, on which I stored most of my music as wav files, due to the improved playback quality. I transferred files to my NAS, before my Qsonix drive died.
I am now using Roon, and it has not recognized, or imported my wav files from NAS to new streamer/server...all the Flac files and DSD files came over fine.
I do not possess strong computer skills; can someone suggest a relatively straightforward process to allow me to access my Wav files on NAs, in import to Innuos server as Flac, for playback via Roon? Is it possible to restore meta data, to recognize artist and track name, or organize the various tracks of an album onto an album?
You have another problem other than the file format.   Roon should have no problem with WAV files, I use them all the time.   Is hard drive space a problem?  WAV does take up some HD space.  I would contact the Roon service folks and discuss the problem with them, they have always been the most helpful.   

BTW, although FLAC is a lossless format, when playing the server has to decompress that file on the fly, so there is small, or perhaps very small chance, that the server will goof and you get a bit error.   I believe this is why some folks believe FLAC doesn't sound as good as WAV, even though after decompression, the two files are identical.   For this reason, plus the fact HD space is so dirt cheap, I store everything in WAV format.   
Also, I believe Exact Copy will convert for you.  A lifetime license is about $7 and it makes an exact WAV or FLAC file from your CD.   I haven't used it to convert one format to another but you might give it a try.   
Thanks for the responses....I understand if I rip a CD onto my server, and select wav. format, Roon will see and recognize. It doesn't see compartmented kernel stores on NAS in wav format...I need to click on the subgroup on the NAS, the wav files are all there, of course without metadata. I need to extract these files from sub file on NAS, and convert them to Flac. Then import from NAS to new server HD. I found on the web  promising options:
videosolo video converter ultimate, and Switch audio file converter software..
Also Convertio...just not sure how to download and access this on files in subfolders on NAS....which is where my old age, and lack of computer skills is requesting some guidance.
Try freac.org - free and easy to uses converter.  You can use it as batch converter.  I use it to convert ALAC to AAC (for phone and car).
Related question - I originally copied CDs to WAV files in iTunes and want to migrate the files to Roon Nucleus (I bought an SSD drive). Should I convert to Flac or just copy WATV files? Worried the track and meta data will be goofy with the WATV files.